Sunday Reflection: When we are tired.

Here we are. Again. It’s Sunday. Which means it is time for our Sunday Reflection. Two weeks ago, when I started this new weekly blog feature, I remarked how much I LOVE Sundays.  How much I love being the first person up in my house.  How much I love spending quiet time reflecting and rejuvenating


Sunday Reflection: Name this Place

Take a moment today to reflect back on this last week in relation to your Lenten Intention. 1.  Reflect on what brought you to the place you are standing today. What have I learned from my Lenten Intention this week? 2.  Name this place you are standing on your path today.   Where do I


Sunday Reflection: Do Something Awesome

Click here for audio. It’s Sunday!! I love Sunday’s. I love being the first person up in my house and not having to be or take anybody anywhere. I love taking the dog for a walk before the neighborhood is up. I love listening to the birds fight over their nest building materials. I love

Lenten Intentions 2014

Keeping Lent Simple  (originally published as The Simplest Things in the Pilgrim Soul Community, March 4, 2014) When we recall the past, we usually find that it is the simplest things – not the great occasions – that in retrospect give off the greatest glow of happiness. ~ Bob Hope As I reflect on the upcoming


Prayer of the Year

We’re at the point in our evolution that we all have to become conscious. This is a time of revolution. There’s no holding back. So I’m about tearing down the monastery walls and seeing the whole world as the monastery, as the practice, as the spiritual temple. What we’re all working on is this very

Let Every Heart Prepare Love Room

Rolling over in bed was excruciating.  The nerve behind my right shoulder had been plaguing me for over a week.  I thought it was getting better, but the go-go-go whirlwind of weekend activities was not what the doctor, or this little nerve, had ordered or wanted, and now, like a crying baby, this little nerve

November 2013 Pilgrim Soul Class Schedule

  This November, You’re Invited to Join Our Pilgrim Soul Class Series + Love Yourself Back into Magnificence.           Yes, I know it’s a Saturday and the GA v. FL game starts in under 1 hour, but I just finished preparing this month’s Pilgrim Soul class series.  I am so excited.

Our Way of Walking

This morning as part of our Pilgrim Soul class, we are experimenting with walking as a practice of giving and receiving, and I have felt a profound lift in my being.  A lift that comes from a true awareness of our interconnectedness.  I am enjoying this focus on the action of walking.  I am enjoying

Touch the Ground.

Last night, I circulated the following meditation to the beautiful Pilgrim Souls walking with me in this month’s class series.  This morning, I felt called to share it with all of you.  I think many people get the impression that I am all calm and my family is the perfect little family.  Well, we are,