Sunday Reflection: Graced Awareness

Sunday Reflection:  Graced Awareness*   *Today, I wanted to share with you a new process which the Pilgrim Soul community is practicing and integrating into our lives.  This process was first published on the Pilgrim Soul community forum.  It is a 6 step process that will guide your Pilgrim Soul on this amazing journey of


Courage as a Prayer

Every day, I experience courage as a prayer. This week, we are concluding our discussion of doing courage as a verb on the Pilgrim Soul forum, and I wanted to share one of our courageous Pilgrim Soul prayers with you. Prayer of the Day Dear God,  Please help us to drop into that place of deep


Doing Courage as a Verb

I am surrounded by a little boy, his brothers and their father who embody the courage summoned to walk into a battle you were drafted to fight.  Where there is no question as to the necessity of your next step, even if that step takes you straight off of a cliff.  Courage, here, takes the hand of


Sunday Reflection: I am supported.

I am supported.   I heard the words as I reached for my coffee.  Cradling the white porcelain vessel in my hands, I gently bowed, eyes closed, and took in the warmth and aroma of that first morning cup. A prayer for the promise of the day to come. It was Reflexive, Not thoughtful, Yet


Sunday Reflection: Resting in the Support Available to Us

Yesterday, I ran my second half marathon with my cousin Shelby by my side, my nephew Eddie and four of his Vanderbilt buddies, my cousins Ed and Andrea cheered us along with the 30,000 people who were there. But that isn’t all. There were Turner and the boys cheering from home with all of my

Lucile, 94, visiting with the Band of Brothers and their Boston cousins on a rainy day in the garden

Being Extraordinary

I have a mountain of dreams to climb before I get to that house on the hill. –Probably always will, Ozark Mountain Daredevils. Driving home with Turner and the boys on Saturday through the drizzly rain and a canopy of 200 year old oaks, I had time to reflect upon the extraordinary woman we had all


Sunday Reflection: Love

The late John O’Donohue was a great friend and mentor of David Whyte, the poet who inspires a great deal of our Pilgrim Soul teachings. On this Easter Sunday, I wanted to share with your John’s beautiful Easter Sunday Reflection.  Click here. … The promise to each of us is that we will never be


Sunday Reflection: When we are tired.

Here we are. Again. It’s Sunday. Which means it is time for our Sunday Reflection. Two weeks ago, when I started this new weekly blog feature, I remarked how much I LOVE Sundays.  How much I love being the first person up in my house.  How much I love spending quiet time reflecting and rejuvenating


Sunday Reflection: Name this Place

Take a moment today to reflect back on this last week in relation to your Lenten Intention. 1.  Reflect on what brought you to the place you are standing today. What have I learned from my Lenten Intention this week? 2.  Name this place you are standing on your path today.   Where do I

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