TRS podcast

Episode 1 | Loving Kindness Meditation

I am so excited to share a loving kindness meditation based on Richard Rohr’s daily meditation practice. My prayer is that you will find some way to regularly practice and participate in tapping into the source of unconditional love that already exists within you. Imagine your life living loved from this place today and 365


Sunday Reflection: Going through fear to meet Love

A couple of the beautiful Pilgrim Souls in our community are experiencing fear as it relates to the unknown in their lives.  Thus, I ended my daily email to the Pilgrim Souls with the following beautiful questions designed to help them find their own inner guidance during this time. I wanted to share with all

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Fireworks of Independence

Brennan, stop.  Stop! Christopher!!*%#} No, Nat! Daddy, take a picture! The voices of a liberated Band of Brothers shout out from the second story of the floating house boat on the Savannah River as they gather the courage to make their evening jump and determine through the pecking order who will be first. The katydids’


Sunday Reflection: Graced Awareness

Sunday Reflection:  Graced Awareness*   *Today, I wanted to share with you a new process which the Pilgrim Soul community is practicing and integrating into our lives.  This process was first published on the Pilgrim Soul community forum.  It is a 6 step process that will guide your Pilgrim Soul on this amazing journey of


Courage as a Prayer

Every day, I experience courage as a prayer. This week, we are concluding our discussion of doing courage as a verb on the Pilgrim Soul forum, and I wanted to share one of our courageous Pilgrim Soul prayers with you. Prayer of the Day Dear God,  Please help us to drop into that place of deep