Ep. 13 | The 1st Empathic Skill: Getting Grounded Welcoming Our Free Flowing Fear and Sadness to Focus and Ground Us


In this episode, we’ll explore the importance of being fully present and in the moment as the antidote to our hectic and busy lives. I’ll teach you Karla McLaren’s 1st empathic skill in building your Empathic life raft. This is a refreshing way to relax and release the natural tension that builds up in our bodies over the course of a day. We have our free flowing emotional states of fear and sadness to thank for this ability.

Join me for the intro on the benefits of this practice and return to this episode starting at minute 17 to access the guided meditation for developing this skill.

For more information on working with me, go to tarasimkins.com.

May you be blessed by the gift of you today.

XOXO + Press On, Tara

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