Sunday Reflection: Resting in the Support Available to Us

Yesterday, I ran my second half marathon with my cousin Shelby by my side, my nephew Eddie and four of his Vanderbilt buddies, my cousins Ed and Andrea cheered us along with the 30,000 people who were there.

But that isn’t all. There were Turner and the boys cheering from home with all of my running mentors. My folks, Turner’s folks and our family and friends. There were the Pilgrim Souls and the Rowdies.

Each of you was with me.

How often do we take the time to contemplate all of the Love being directed our way? All of the support for a desired endeavor? A dream?

I have been overwhelmed this morning as I have contemplated the depth and breadth of this supportive love for this one endeavor ~ to run 13.1 miles as a tribute to Brennan and all that represents.

Resting in this kind of available support is humbling. What an amazing experience to be humbled by the availability of Love.

Resting in that kind of available support can be uncomfortable. If you find this to be true for you, ask yourself Why?

On this Sunday, I invite you to think of a specific endeavor during the past week, like my half marathon, in which you have allowed yourself to experience the support available to you.

Notice the extent to which you allowed yourself to be supported. Did you resist the support in places? Did you embrace the support? Is there more support available to you? Do you want to avail yourself of the depth and breadth of that support? Can you allow yourself to REST in that support today?

Why? or Why not?

And yes, I think this has everything to do with our week’s topic on the Rowdy Pilgrim Soul’s commitment to being extraordinary.

Let me know what you think!

And would love to hear.

XOXO + Press on,

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