A Prayer for You

My prayer for you is that you experience a shift in your life today and everyday.

A shift from fear to love.

An understanding that, as Turner wrote in our Carepages, “the miracle is not necessarily in the unbelievable event, but in how we respond to what is placed before us everyday.”

May you see the hand of God extended to you everyday.

May you place your hand in His so that you may face what is placed before you with a Love so great that it defies all explanation.

May you know this Love in your life


And always.

May you know that with this Love embodying your life,

Possibilities for more love exist.

XOXO + Press on,

  • LabGrey

    Sunday Reflection: Going through fear to meet Love

    A couple of the beautiful Pilgrim Souls in our community are experiencing fear as it relates to the unknown in their lives.  Thus, I ended my daily email to the Pilgrim Souls with the following beautiful questions designed to help them find their own inner guidance during this time. I wanted to share with all

  • photo 2-1

    Fireworks of Independence

    Brennan, stop.  Stop! Christopher!!*%#} No, Nat! Daddy, take a picture! The voices of a liberated Band of Brothers shout out from the second story of the floating house boat on the Savannah River as they gather the courage to make their evening jump and determine through the pecking order who will be first. The katydids’