Being Extraordinary

I have a mountain of dreams to climb before I get to that house on the hill.
Probably always will, Ozark Mountain Daredevils.
Driving home with Turner and the boys on Saturday through the drizzly rain and a canopy of 200 year old oaks, I had time to reflect upon the extraordinary woman we had all hugged farewell 15 minutes ago.   I sat in the passenger seat of the car, listening to Turner’s Relax 11 playlist, preparing my class on living an extraordinary life and marveling at the perfect example which I just left.
Lucile MacLennon is my Aunt Bunny’s friend and mentor.
Aunt Bunny asked if we would be willing to surprise Lucile before we left town.  “Tara, Lucile is just extraordinary, and she organized more prayer groups for Brennan than anyone I know.  Would y’all be up for a surprise visit today?  I know it would delight her.”
I am not sure that I have ever said no to my Aunt Bunny.  She is extraordinary herself and based on her stories about Lucile, I knew that we had to meet her and thank her for her devotion to our cause.
It took some time to track Lucile down to set a date for the surprise visit.  After all, it was Saturday morning and at 94 she wasn’t letting any grass grow under her feet!  She had been to yoga at 7:30 and then to the garden shop.  Aunt Bunny finally caught up with her and we made our way to surprise Lucile.
She was waiting for us looking like Lady Bird Johnson on her front steps flanked by her signature spring hydrangeas and donning her electric blue tennis shoes ~ a gift from my cousins Shelby’s boys to Lucile on the occasion of her 94th birthday!!
Lucile welcomed us into her life on that day.
It’s interesting, isn’t it?  How someone can welcome you into their life.  How someone can recognize the Pilgrim Soul in you at the moment you meet and make you feel like you have been walking this path of life and love and loss and life and love together for your entire existence.
Lucile is extraordinary.
I would even go so far as to say that her extraordinariness is contagious.
Under the gaze of her generous spirit, we were luminous.  Like 13 moons circling a single sun.
We joined her in the garden, which is a living metaphor for her life, and not one of us seemed bothered by the constant drizzle for the next hour.  We might as well have been walking through star dust as rain.
It was time to leave.  To go home.
Lucile asked each of us to “sign my book before you leave.  You know.  I’m on my 4th book!”
Well, how could we say no.
I marveled as each of the 7 boys took the time to thoughtfully leave a personal note for this extraordinary woman in her book.
~  You have a great personality and sense of humor.  Brennan (12)
~  It’s always great to see you, even though your garden was wet it is still amazing.  Aidan (13)
~  You always find a way to make people smile with your amazing personality.  You are an inspiration.  Connall (14)
Do you ever wonder what it takes to live an extraordinary life?  What are the components that make up an extraordinary life?
It just so happens that I believe that our Pilgrim Souls long to live an extraordinary life.
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XOXO + Press on,

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