Day 1 ~ Year of You

Good morning, Pilgrim Souls. I want to invite you to join us in our follow-up work from our Year of You workshop. This is work you can do every day. Follow along with us now through the end of 2019. What are we going to do today? This is what I am doing, and I


Future Year of You Dates Announced

Upcoming Year of You mini-workshop dates now include: June 5th & 6th Sept 11th & 12th Nov 27th & 28th Feb 26th & 27th All workshops take place Tuesday 5-8pm and Wednesday 9am-5pm. Registration for June is now open!


Ep #7 | The Power of Delighting in our Friendships

Listen on iTunes   This week, I want to introduce you to my 2018 Word of the Year: DELIGHT, and share with you the power of delighting in our friendships. We are going to talk about the revolutionary idea that lovability is about our ability to love others, instead of our ability to be loved.