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Soul School is an amazing program designed for the consummate student interested in developing and cultivating their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

These are the classes that you were not taught in school, but you so desperately need to thrive in today’s ever changing world.

Whether you are interested in being the best version of you so that you may be the best parent you can be, the best partner you can be, or the best contributor to your own happiness, Soul School has you covered.  You will learn the discipline of bringing intentionality to whatever is presenting itself in your life as this juncture.

Each month we take a fresh dive into a different topic designed and especially curated to meet you where you are and take you to your next growth edge.

If you commit to this work, I guarantee you that you will feel a renewed sense of freedom in your life simply by making the decision to become responsible for the only thing you have control over in your life ~ your own happiness and personal fulfillment, i.e. your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

These are the classes that I personally wish I had to help me navigate being a lawyer living well when I was a partner who wasn’t living so well in my 30’s and practicing full time with three children under the age of 5, a full roster of community boards, and a husband that worked full time as well.

These are the classes that I needed to walk with me through the most challenging 10 years of my life during my 40’s when my middle son, Brennan, was diagnosed with leukemia.  An unexpected health crisis that involved three relapses, four life saving bone marrow transplants, and three different children’s hospitals in three different states.

These are the classes I combed the internet for as my family struggled to return to life after living on the front lines of childhood cancer with all of the joys and loss that come with that life.  The “new normal” we had come to know began to limit us, and we had stretched beyond the natural breaking point of our resilience.  As we crossed the threshold of 50, we needed to rest, integrate our profound grief and gratitude, and learn to move forward instead of bouncing back.

Over the last 15 years, I have studied everything I could get my hands on in the areas of Positive Psychology, Spirituality, Poetry (yes, I am a total geek), Wisdom Traditions, mystic Christianity and Buddhism, Natural Sciences, Neuroscience, and Mental and Emotional health.

Soul School is an evidence based curriculum designed to spark your imagination and create a personal practice to listen to and explore the deeper questions bubbling within you and reconcile whatever needs to be reconciled so that you may design a vital and vibrant way to be in today’s world that is so married to busy.

If you are interested, this is how it works:

Time:  We meet three Tuesdays/month from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. eastern time.

Place:  Soul School meets you wherever you are!  Thanks to the modern technology of Zoom, you may call in to our classes via your phone or via your home computer.

Price:  $80/month billed on the first of the month.  We recommend committing to at least 3 months to get a real feel for your growth potential.  We want you to get a taste of what we do; ask questions; get coaching.  But be prepared, you will definitely want more.  Think of it as a masters curriculum designed to get easier and better over time.

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2019 Online Class Schedule & Curriculum


March: Believing New Things

Book: James R. Doty, M.D., Into the Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon’s Look into the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart
Class schedule:  This subject will be taught again in March 2020.

April: Uncovering Manuals + The Power of Acting from a Personal Code of Conduct

Have you ever thought, “I am disappointed in my ________ [child, boss, spouse, SIL, MIL, friend.]  If only they would ____________________.”?

This April we are going to focus on the soul saving skill of learning to stop defining others by uncovering our unconscious manuals we have for their behavior + to stop letting others define us by committing to a personal code of conduct aligned with our own values.

The result:  Your relationship with yourself and others will seriously improve without the other people in your life changing one iota.  The catch, however, is that you will have to choose to let go of your rule book for how they should behave, and perhaps how you should behave, and replace that rule book with something of far greater value.

Book: Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements
Class Schedule: 4/2 ~ 4/23 ~ 4/30

May: Time Management

Here’s the BIG news for May:  You have all of the time you need, and you are choosing to spend your time on everything you want.  Often we lie to ourselves by saying, “Our time is not our own,” or some version of the story that “This is the time to put others before myself.”  The only problem is it simply isn’t true.

Join us as we learn the power of telling ourselves the truth about time:  We have time.  We are just choosing to spend it on something else.

Here are some GREAT questions we are going to cover:

Can you create more minutes in your life?  Not necessarily, but you can make your time more valuable by learning to manage your mind and planning your time to make sure you are a good steward of your time.

Could you throw away your precious to-do list and live a happier, freer life?


What is the very first thing that needs to go on your calendar?

Book: Steve Chandler, Reinventing Yourself: How to Become the Person You Have Always Wanted to Be
Class Schedule: 5/7 ~ 5/21 ~ 5/28


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