Courage as a Prayer

Every day, I experience courage as a prayer.

This week, we are concluding our discussion of doing courage as a verb on the Pilgrim Soul forum, and I wanted to share one of our courageous Pilgrim Soul prayers with you.

Prayer of the Day

Dear God, 

Please help us to drop into that place of deep desires within ourselves.

That place which we guard and protect.

That place which we dare not go for fear of the flood of emotion that it will open.

Please sit with us in this place.

Please hold our hand here

Until the courage arises to take that necessary step

That step that is longing for our foot to bring the rest of our being to the spot where we are being called to stand

To bare the momentary discomfort standing between us and joy.

And if we cannot muster the courage to do it for ourselves, please help us to muster the courage to offer our step in honor of another.

Someone who has no other choice but to walk through her own fire.

Let me not let her walk alone.

Let me take the one step necessary to stand by her side on this Pilgrim Soul path.


XOXO + Press on,


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