Day 1 ~ Year of You

Good morning, Pilgrim Souls. I want to invite you to join us in our follow-up work from our Year of You workshop. This is work you can do every day. Follow along with us now through the end of 2019.


What are we going to do today?

This is what I am doing, and I would love for you to join me.

First, stop reading this, listen to the Metta prayer in my first podcast, and then come back to this.

Second, go grab a journal. If you would like to follow along with our Year of You program, I encourage you to purchase your own Self Journal. Attendees received one in their workshop (and future attendees may receive one as well!). If you have one, open it up to pages 40 -41 and on “Today’s Targets” scratch through “Targets” and in your own handwriting insert “Metta Recipients.” Or make your own list in your own journal.

Now, next to 1. List the first person you extended loving kindness to during the meditation; next to 2. List the second person, the person who is a casual acquaintance; next to 3. List the stranger who may not have a name but may have a description like “towel gentleman at Club;” next write 4. Under the 3. Line and write down the 4th person, the one with whom there is a conflict or hurt.

Thank you Charlar for this brilliant idea!!  Charlar has been practicing the Metta prayer for over 6 months and shared that she has started writing the 4 names down on the top of her day planner so that she can remember this throughout her day.

I haven’t listened to this podcast meditation in several months but I am delighted to renew this practice.  I said this prayer for a year and it changed me.  It opened me to compassion in ways that I never imagined.

I know that many of you want to know “how to get this right.”  There is no right.  Relax into it.  Just come with the simple intention to follow the prompts in the meditation and extend loving kindness and notice if any images or thoughts come up and take note of them.

This is what came up for me today, and I decided to capture these in our journals under “Lessons Learned” to which I added “Images and Aha’s During Morning Metta.”

Here are my observations:

  1. If 2 people pop up, include 2.  Don’t spend time debating with yourself and trying to get it right.  Instead, choose to extend loving kindness to both.  There is plenty to go around.
  2. In my 4th spot today, the name of a friend emerged.  I was surprised by this.  My mind scrolled through the usual suspects of people with which I have had challenging relationships, but I didn’t feel anything around them.  So, next I checked in with my feelings.  Searching for a feeling, or energy within me that felt charged, and this friend’s name appeared.  
  3. When it came time to bless the space where this hurt lived, I knew it only lived in my mind.  A tenderness for myself arose.  [Note:  I also know there is more to explore here, more to release, more I do not know I am carrying within me, so I made a mental note to do a Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet later today. I am curious about my own hurt.  It matters to me that I am hurting and I want to give myself the attention I need.  Tending to this will give me the energy to take care of doing my great work in the world. Here’s a video to help you fill it out.]
  4. At the end, is the instruction to IMAGINE.  I really want us to take the 7 seconds to imagine.

Thank you for being a part of the Year of You.  It is a dream for me to realize the sharing of this work on a deeper level with a group of like hearted and like minded souls and to witness the possibilities that it might create in each of our lives and our relationships.  Thus allowing us to experience the gift of a life we truly love.

Keeping the faith, 


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