Fireworks of Independence

Brennan, stop.  Stop!


No, Nat!

Daddy, take a picture!

photo 3

The voices of a liberated Band of Brothers shout out from the second story of the floating house boat on the Savannah River as they gather the courage to make their evening jump and determine through the pecking order who will be first.

The katydids’ call mixes with Tony McManus‘ guitar ~ playing over Turner’s iPhone.  Punctuated by the arguments, shouts, directions and accusations of brotherly injustice, a new kind of *country* rap arises.  I lean back and enjoy the sites and sounds of my life.

Turner presses record.

They jump.


Independence Day celebrated by the Band of Bothers.  Each has just leapt  20 feet breaking the glass surface of the river below, I watch as they paddle back like flies jumping on the surface:  kayak, paddle board, paddle board, from the floating house to the River House dock.

photo 2-1

Turner and I float on the back deck elevated by pilings and smile as the silhouettes climb onto the dock.  The sky goes blush at the Brothers’ expletives announcing the end to this hot July 3rd day.

photo 2

I throw my strawberry stem over the rail.

A prayer tossed into the dusk for a sunset that has never been witnessed before, nor to be witnessed again.

photo 1-2

Thank you. More, please.

Tomorrow we will celebrate with fireworks of a different kind.

But today, today we make our own which is certainly appropriate for the descendants of some of the greatest fireworks choreographers ever to lighten up the sky!

Wherever you are, I hope you enjoy the blessings of your own Pilgrim Soul’s independence and marvel at the every day fireworks and music of your life.

XOXO + Press on,

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  1. Simply beautiful Tara. I could almost hear the guitar playing and the crickets singing in the background as I read this heart warming message. Oh-and I’ve now added Terry McManus to my Pandora playlist. Thank you all for sharing this lovely message.

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