Ep #11 | Cultivating Emotional Intelligence, or on Pouting, Punching, and Super Bowl rings

This episode is the first in a series on the transformative power of cultivating our emotional intelligence. So much of what I learn and teach is centered around being PRESENT in our lives, and that means ALL of our lives, including our emotional lives, the messy and the pretty. Listen as I share my personal pivot from believing my emotions to be a source of weakness to discovering their strength as a source of energy and information. Walk with me through my latest real life parenting experience with three teenage boys, an innocent tease that went South, and how the application of emotional intelligence skills could have saved a high school golf match! Laugh with me in contrasting how my husband spent his day. 🙃😜 Know I wouldn’t change a thing as sharing this work with my kids and each of you is the privilege of my life. Thanks for tuning in. To work with me on a deeper level, go the “Work with Me” tab. XOXO + Press On, T

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