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We’re at the point in our evolution that we all have to become conscious. This is a time of revolution. There’s no holding back. So I’m about tearing down the monastery walls and seeing the whole world as the monastery, as the practice, as the spiritual temple. What we’re all working on is this very being, this very life. This is the temple, it has no walls. ~ Genpo Roshi

I love the idea of resolutions ~ of growth, of reaching, of change, of pressing on toward the goal ~ all under my terms, of course.

Five years ago I replaced the practice of making resolutions with choosing a Word of the Year.  My coach at the time, Christine Kane, suggested this practice, and I was drawn to the ease and power of just one word.

In looking back at my Words of the Year for the past 5 years, I noticed a pattern.

Each word was really a prayer:

Trust, Believe, Confidence (walking with faith), and Joy were all really prayers that deepened my relationship with Love.

In realizing that my Words of the Year were prayers, I realized the power behind each word.  That power was the simple intention that my desire join forces with the greater desire of the Spirit within me.

Through my Prayers of the Year, I was accepting Love’s invitation to co-create a life in Love throughout the year.

You may remember that last year I documented my prayer Show me the Way on this blogPraying that prayer for an entire year profoundly effected me.  The impression of that prayer is now part of my DNA.   It is my own simple way of being a part of the revolution mentioned by Genpo Roshi in the quote above of tearing down the monastery walls and seeing our lives in this world as the spiritual temple.

In the spirit of revolution, my prayer for 2014 is Thank you.  More, please.  

Thank you because I am so grateful and humbled by the miracles, the millions of tiny shifts from living a life in fear to living a life in love, that I received as a result of praying Show me the way last year.

More, please.  Because I know that God wants me to experience more and more of these miracles, and I want to open myself more and more to their receipt.

If you are so inclined, please join me in this revolution of tearing down the monastery walls by picking a Prayer of the Year to embody in our lives in the world.  It can be one word or several.

I would love to share this Prayer of the Year practice with you.

What is your prayer for the year?

If you can’t think of one, take a look at how  Show me the way, My personal prayer from last year, guided me in ways that I never expected.  This prayer has changed my life and my blog reader’s lives.  Click this link to read how it has the power to change your life, too.

Join me in my Prayer of the Year for 2014, Thank you.  More, please.  

OR write in your Prayer of the Year in the comments below.

I would LOVE to know more about what prayers you are incorporating into your own DNA.

XOXO + Press on,


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