Remembering Your Sacred Nature ~ Fall 2018 Retreat

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Celebrating October’s Glories  | A Fall Retreat Inviting Infinite Possibilities

Merrie Woode 
Sapphire, NC  

 October 18-21, 2018

The mountains are calling and I must go. ~ John Muir

Ripe are October’s glories: Come away!
Hushed are the waiting woods: their rustling robes
Of mildest tints, create within my soul
Emotions meet for melancholy song!
~James Rigg, “The Poet’s Ramble in October,” Wild Flower Lyrics and Other Poems, 1897

Tara and Martha Simkins Davis partner up to bring you a beautiful weekend in the mountains of North Carolina.

Your Invitation

Come celebrate Autumn and October’s glories in a three day adventure in the magical woods and mountains surrounding Camp Merrie Woode in western North Carolina. Together we’ll take time to align ourselves to our knowing, wise, innate intuition as we invite the Infinite Possibilities.

We will relax in the mountains’ calm and beauty, with soulful intention to step back, dream and create what we want to bring into our lives in the coming year.

Then we’ll scatter those amazing seeds to the wind and be grateful in advance for the beautiful things to come…. fruit for next year’s harvest, with a new confidence in ourselves as we learn to listen to our inner true nature ~ the Sacred and Divine selves within us.

This group is intentionally limited to the small, intimate size of 9 ~ a sacred number, nine relates to spiritual awakening, completion, fulfillment, and good leadership.  It is the number of heaven.

Let us step onto the path into the wilderness together…

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Wouldn’t it be lovely …

  • to give yourself permission to step out of the chaotic, political, media driven energy swirling around you, where work, family, social obligations seem to pull you in all directions?
  • to feel a freedom and lightness of being and a new-found sense of clarity in your purpose and direction, inspired by the beauty around you?
  • to wake to the presence of a beautiful view each morning with sweet mountain smells, mist rising over the lake, as you cradle your morning tea or coffee, and humbly bow your head in gratitude for the life waiting to delight and surprise you?

“I am grateful for how the Sacred Retreat was balm to my soul and guidance to help straighten my path.  Martha is a gifted teacher, leader and woman of immense joy. I can’t wait until next year when I can learn more, grow as a person and continue my journey.  I am indeed blessed. ” ~ Kim

Imagine …

  • harmonizing the energy of your soul and body with gentle Chi Gong by the lake.
  • finding alignment as you walk in the fiery Fall forest, allowing the trees around you to work their healing magic.
  • letting go and allowing laughter, play, & good nourishing food to inspire your creative Self to reach out to infinite possibilities.
  • finding the peaceful space to allow the small, still voice within you to grow louder and stronger, inviting the busy, worried, frenetic chatter to fall away.

What if …

  • when you return home, you could hear within you a more positive and supportive voice ~ your True Voice ~  clearly and more often.
  • the chaotic parts of the world you left behind seem to have taken on a new energy, even changed or disappeared.
  • you could to do all of this with a group of like-minded women and two willing and knowledgeable guides?

The time is NOW  … to plan for the season that will bring all of this to fruition…to strengthen, renew, release and know who you are deep inside!   FINALLY…

Come celebrate Autumn with me this October!

“Every time I hike, I see and notice things, and I can hear you … It’s like a little bit of you is with me.” ~ Jill

Your Guides for  the Adventure ~

Tara Simkins and Martha Simkins Davis ~ certified life coaches, mountain lovers, adventure seekers, seasoned guides and spiritual pilgrims.


Where ~ Camp Merrie Woode

Founded in 1919, Merrie Woode has been a summer camp for girls for 100 years.  Said to be the location of three vortexes, the 500 acre campus, nestled in the arms of the sacred Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina at the base of Old Bald,  provides a safe and consoling place to restore, renew and lift both ourselves and the world around us to new heights and possibilities.

Within her gates, and down the mile long road into Camp, we  will nestle in and relish our seclusion from the outside world, being fed and healed by the climax forest surrounding us while taking in the majestic views of the oldest mountains in the world.

We will listen to and honor our bodies with gentle movement and stimulating walks, as we nurture our minds with contemplation and meditation.

Our accommodations are in High Heaven, Merrie Woode’s alumnae house, built above the camp and overlooking Lake Fairfield.  Rustic but comfortable, with nine bedrooms and eight baths, it will be our home and refuge for the weekend.


When ~  October 18-21, 2018

This weekend was carefully picked especially for you to help you remember the treasures of this season and your role in holding the expansiveness necessary for a plentiful future season.

Autumn ~ height of the leaves ~ sweater weather ~ crisp air and bright blue skies ~ a natural time of excitement and change. Harvest.

In the safety of this season and sanctuary, we will surround ourselves with the energy of deep gratitude for the harvests of the past year, not only for all that we have, but also for all that we will call to us for the coming year and next chapters of our lives. while we take time to acknowledge our

Like the leaves, we can more easily let go of all that no longer serves us. Then we can reap the bounty of the harvest, from reflection of our prior efforts, work and desires. Fall reminds us that in the release of what was, we also scatter seeds for the upcoming seasons.

“The leaves on the trees are the thoughts and dreams and wishes from all of us here now and embody the spirits of those who came before us.  The presence of THEN and NOW in harmonious and informative co-existence is palpable.  The sun-light rained down through those leaves on each of us, standing just as we were, like a forgiving baptismal blessing.’” ~ Lori

Register Now

This link will take you to the registration on Martha’s website.


The Little Details

Your payment includes:

  • Three nights accommodations in High Heaven – all rooms single occupancy.  Rooms are comfortable but  rustic.  Two of the nine bedrooms share a bath.
  •  All meals ~ healthy, predominantly local foods with vegan and vegetarian options.
  • Gentle hikes Friday and Saturday, exploring the flora, fauna and rocks of the woods while enjoying the surrounding color and incomparable views.
  • Gentle yoga, Chi Gong, soothing meditations.
  • Additional tools and techniques for finding the calm within any storm ~ ways to tap into your innate power and resilience.
  • Time away for yourself … in a truly safe and sacred place, with freedom to do as you wish.

“…Thanks to you and Tara and the construct of the retreat you created a place where I was safe, I was loved, and I was free to do anything I wanted or needed.   Judgment and rigor were removed. Expanse and sky were opened for me. The entire experience released a self-imposed hold and opened my heart and moved me much further along in my search to accept myself.” ~ Anne


Finding Your Way

The closest airports to the Cashiers area are below. Rent/share a car or hire a local driver (We know several choices). Enjoy the beautiful drive through colorful hardwoods where the Blue Ridge, Appalachian and Great Smokey Mountains come together.

  • Greenville- Spartanburg Airport (GSP), SC- 1 hour, 45 minute drive
  • Asheville, NC Airport (AVL)- 1 hour drive
  • Atlanta- Hartsfield International Airport (ATL)- 3 hours, 15 minute drive

Payment Details : Your Investment

  • $2197, single with shared bath (single large rooms that share a bath-only 2 available)
  • $2297 single- SOLD OUT

Honor your early commitment to yourself by reserving your spot now. These early decision prices will increase $300, single and shared bath, September 1, 2018.   Total balance due by October 1.

Become fully committed and pay in full… or send in your non-refundable deposit.  See all options available by clicking the Register button ~ this will take you to the registration page on Martha’s website.

Register Now

Our Refund Policy:  Your payments are all non-refundable.  We really want you to come! BUT… if you have to cancel AND we can easily fill your space within 2 weeks of the retreat, we will refund your payment, minus your deposit.

See you in the mountains ~ they are calling already!

To Really Treat Yourself…

If you would like to start your adventure with us a day early, we have created an additional treat. The morning of October 18th, a group of us will go to Blue Star Ranch for a day of Equine Assisted Learning,  a labyrinth walk and a glorious day in open meadows with horses.  No riding is involved, but this morning before our retreat starts will be magical.

Equine coaching is a gentle way of gaining self awareness using the horse as your mirror.  Even if you have not spent time around horses, you will find this experience deeply moving and highly insightful.

table in field.jpg

“Now we have finished a very slow paced walk in the woods with the stated intention of FOREST BATHING and it also brings a sense of calm and easy breathing.  The path was soft and plushly carpeted with the jewel-toned leaves of autumn, and the sounds of the wind really did feel like the whisperings from something much bigger letting us know we were welcome in the sacred space, and that just being there was our whispered password back that gave us passage into the sanctuary.” ~ Lori

“Depending on where an individual is in their life – whether they just need to take a break, or they needed a strong, gentle nudge to pursue personal dreams, or like me, a seeker on a pilgrimage – I strongly believe what you and Tara have created and bring personally to the moment is what The Sacred Nature Retreat is all about.” ~ Anne