Sunday Reflection: Graced Awareness

Sunday Reflection:  Graced Awareness*  

*Today, I wanted to share with you a new process which the Pilgrim Soul community is practicing and integrating into our lives.  This process was first published on the Pilgrim Soul community forum.  It is a 6 step process that will guide your Pilgrim Soul on this amazing journey of life.  Supporting your journey and enlivening it.  Simply, this practice will awaken your Pilgrim Soul to the Love and Grace that is constantly available to YOU each and every moment of each and every day.

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Let me walk you through this prayerful conversation with yourself and Love toward Graced Awareness.

1. Where are you standing on your Pilgrim Soul path today? How does this point relate to yesterday’s point? Is it the same place you were standing yesterday? Is it different? How is it different? Describe the terrain and its relation to the terrain around you:  Are you in a valley?  Are you walking toward a vista?  Are you taking in the view?  Or are you mired in your own tunnel vision feeling suffocated by the closeness of the ceiling and walls around you?  If so, can you see a light ahead?  An expansive place leading to that light?  Or is there a stream or other place waiting for you to rest and replenish yourself?  Can you see someone ahead calling you onward?  A guide?  Another Pilgrim Soul?

Or have you just crossed a rickety path and find yourself on solid ground?  Take a moment to look back at your passage.  See where your courageous heart delivered you from safely.  Celebrate this feeling.

Where ever we are today, let’s take a moment and stand with graced awareness on the exact point we find ourselves on this Pilgrim Soul journey.

Notice our feelings about this place and stand firmly in it without judgment or apology.

Take a big inhale.

Accept the miracle this place is offering.  Name that miracle.

And exhale allowing the grace of the receipt of Love’s miracle to imprint itself within your entire being as you send Love back out into the world.

Take another inhale.

Stand in gratitude for the feet that brought you to this point. Stand in gratitude for your courageous heart which brought you to this point. Stand in gratitude for all of the visible and invisible help which brought you to this point throughout your life, and in particular over the last 24 hours.  And stand in gratitude for the feet, courageous heart, and visible and invisible help which will walk your through the life experiences lying ahead over the next 24 hours.

Exhale a big thank you.


2. Find where Love and Grace exist on this point.

List in your mind all of the places you met and experienced Love and Grace over the last 24 hours.


3. How can you lean into this Love and Grace in the next 24 hours?

Think of a specific way you could do this.


4. Is there a boundary that wants to support you in this place? A conversation, difficult or easy, calling you to have it? A simple “No” to something to make room for the life you are creating in love and grace?

Have it.  Today.


5.  Is there a wound calling for your care on this point?  A place waiting for forgiveness so that you may just plain ole feel better on today’s journey, so that you may walk forward today removing your own barriers to the fullness of Love’s support being offered to you?


6.  Schedule two times each day this week.  Now take out your smart phone and schedule one additional time to go through this exercise in “Graced Awareness” today.  I would recommend two of the following 4 times:

a. First thing when you wake up.

b. Noon.

c. Before dinner.

d. Immediately before going to bed.

XOXO + Press on,

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