Sunday Reflection: I am supported.

I am supported.  

I heard the words as I reached for my coffee.  Cradling the white porcelain vessel in my hands, I gently bowed, eyes closed, and took in the warmth and aroma of that first morning cup.

A prayer for the promise of the day to come.

It was


Not thoughtful,

Yet imploring,

Desperate even,

An act of survival.

A prayer for help, nonetheless, immediately answered:

You are supported.

In that moment, I felt my feet firmly on the ground.  I took my sip with a confident knowing.  It was true.  I was supported and always have been.

I almost laughed out loud at how easily I continue to forget this.

I mean the Pilgrim Souls dedicated the entire month of November to feeling supported.  Each morning that our feet hit the ground, we whispered I am supported and thanked our most gracious source of all for the simple act of catching us.

But 5 days of the stomach bug can do that to you:  erase your memory banks and replace all of your well planted and carefully chosen practices with the weeds of fear.  Fueled by the rain of exhaustion, these old default stories pop up like wildflowers in a May field:

How can I go on?

I am so tired of this.

I am a loser.

I am so behind.

I am tired of everyone being sick.

Please make all of this go away.

I was trying to weed each thought, but with each successful pluck three new weeds popped up in its place.  Wearied, physically and mentally, I was spinning in overwhelm ~ until I felt the anchor in those words:

You are supported.


I would be lying if I told you that I was ready to go out and conquer my day after receiving this answer to my prayer.  And let’s be honest, if conquering our days is the goal, then we have other work to do.  But I can go about my day feeling all of the support that Love has to offer me and to know this is enough. There is something magical about this understanding.  Not in the way that keeps you from burning your first two attempts at toast in the morning, or hitting your head on the porch railing while bending down to leash the dog.


Rather, these words provide comfort and even the sprout of a smile notwithstanding the imperfect starts to our day.

I am supported.  

And so are you.

So for our Sunday, a-hem Monday, Reflection this week ask yourself the following:

1.  Where was I supported over the last week?  In what ways?

2.  How do I want to step into this week feeling the fullness of that support under me?


XOXO + Press on,


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