Sunday Reflection: Love

The late John O’Donohue was a great friend and mentor of David Whyte, the poet who inspires a great deal of our Pilgrim Soul teachings.

On this Easter Sunday, I wanted to share with your John’s beautiful Easter Sunday Reflection.  Click here.

… The promise to each of us is that we will never be called to walk the lonely path of suffering without seeing the footprints ahead of us which lead eventually over the brow of the hill where Resurrection awaits us. Behind the darkness of suffering, a subtle brightening often manifests itself.  

… The fires of suffering are disclosures of love.

No matter your faith tradition, I hope you will hear something in John’s reflection that touches you, that rings true for you.

In the light of Easter, I invite you to take a few minutes today to reflect back upon this Lenten journey which we have walked together and consider the following:

1.  Love can’t be stopped.  Thus, how do I keep going in the direction that Love goes?

2.  Where were the places of suffering during this season?

3.  What was the depth of that suffering and where was Love waiting for me?  What was the beauty and lightness that emerged?

4.  Where did I resist Love’s support?

5.  When did I accept Love’s support?

6.  What does this teach me about placing my next step along my Pilgrim Soul’s journey?

7.  Shall I dare have the courage to expect the ease and support of Love wherever my foot shall land?

I hope you will allow the questions to lead you in the direction of Love’s call as you review your week and plan ahead to deepen the experience this week.  That is the intent.

Do not give up walking the way of Love.

Give yourself the gift of supporting yourself through the change you want.

Answer your Pilgrim Soul’s call to live out the next incarnation of your life.

The only true incarnation of your life.

An incarnation of Love.

XOXO + Press on,


p.s. Please feel free to share this with your friends, and if you would like more support as you answer your Pilgrim Soul’s call to Love, please join us in the Pilgrim Soul community for the next 30 days.  This is a sacred space where we devote time to the expansion of our Pilgrim Souls and our minds.  And we laugh and have fun.  We would love for you to join in our revelry!!   Or meet me on this blog every Sunday as I attempt to keep my commitment to the Sunday Reflection.

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