2019 Year of You Kickoff Workshops

Imagining our Way Forward in 2019, and Beyond.



Word of the Year Workshop

Tuesday, January 8th, 2019


The Stark Room at Enterprise Mill

I replaced resolutions with a Word of the Year 10 years ago. This one small change has enriched my life more than any resolution ever did. I know many of you have joined me in this practice over the years. It is time to set our sights again … and imagine ourselves going deeper and further than we have before. 

Setting a Direction for Your Future Life

Wednesday, January 9

Two options for attending: 10am-2pm or 4-8pm.

The Stark Room at Enterprise Mill

For those who want to go deeper and design a year of meaning using the colors in their current life’s palette to imagine creating personal masterpiece days that will add up to a masterpiece year and a masterpiece life, we will find your growth edge. 

We will look across to this new horizon, imagining our arrival and embodying its gifts.  Then, we will return to the place we stand today with those gifts and begin the 1,000 step journey from here to there. We will firmly root ourselves in our belief in ourselves, anticipate the obstacles currently standing between where we are now and where we want to be, and learn the meta skills necessary to bring about our ultimate arrival in this newly imagine future. 

Think of it as a before and after process. 


Each workshop stands on its own: $40 for one or $75 for two.

Please email tara.simkins@gmail.com to RSVP